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Patient Testimonials


"Runnymede has a personal touch, which really helps with the healing process. I believe we get the best care available right here. From day one I knew this was the best place to be, and I couldn’t imagine what our experience would’ve been if we were anyplace else."


"I learned more things here than I would ever learn at home. I know what I need to do to keep in shape. I have everything ready to go and I’m going to continue with my exercises. I’m grateful for what my therapists taught me and I’m going to do everything they said."

marta, current patient:

"The therapists are so approachable. They are so supportive. Each day I became stronger and the pain was less severe. I could start to sit up more every day. Then little by little, I began walking again with help."

krystal, former patient:

“Runnymede has such a good, supportive system. The therapy team here is amazing. I feel ready to go home, but I’m sad too. Everyone here is so wonderful. I’m going to miss them.”