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Humber River Hospital and Runnymede Healthcare Centre announce new partnership

July 17, 2019


Runnymede welcomed special guests from Humber River Hospital (HRH) to announce a new partnership between the hospitals. From left to right: HRH Board Chair, Terry Leon; HRH President & CEO, Barb Collins; Runnymede President & CEO, Connie Dejak; Runnymede Board Chair, Nick Migliore; and Runnymede Chief of Staff, Dr. Fabio Varlese.

Humber River Hospital (HRH) and Runnymede Healthcare Centre (Runnymede) have formed an innovative new partnership to streamline care delivery, put patients at the centre of all interactions, and improve community health outcomes as well as the patient experience.

The partnership is anchored in the Government of Ontario's vision for a connected and sustainable healthcare system. Together, HRH and Runnymede will deliver end-to-end, coordinated care. The partnership between the two hospitals is the perfect opportunity to harness their strengths and create a constellation of care to support patients throughout their healthcare journey.

Together, HRH and Runnymede will be able to bridge the gap between acute, rehabilitative, complex continuing, outpatient, and virtual care, making it easier for patients to navigate the system and access the care they need. By championing collaboration, HRH and Runnymede will leverage technology and complementary clinical expertise to create a model of care that will maximize the healthcare options for patients in their community.

"We are committed to working together to deliver innovative and compassionate healthcare in the west Torontocommunity," said Barb Collins, President and Chief Executive Officer of Humber River Hospital. "Our teams will collaborate in rehabilitative, complex continuing care and seniors care programs, sharing best practices to deliver end-to-end, comprehensive care. Leveraging our technology and clinical expertise collectively, we will enhance care in the best possible setting for our patients and families."

"Humber River Hospital and Runnymede Healthcare Centre are revolutionizing community healthcare," said Connie Dejak, President and Chief Executive Officer of Runnymede Healthcare Centre. "Pro-actively bridging the gaps in our healthcare system is the driving force behind this partnership. Through bold leadership, innovation, and imagination, we are taking our organizations to the next level to deliver seamless, patient-centred, and connected care."