Providing outstanding care is no small feat. Our solid operational foundation, supported by the oversight and leadership of our Board of Directors, keeps us on course to meet the strategic directions that guide our hospital toward operational and clinical excellence.

Our Board is comprised of a diverse group of talented individuals who contribute their unique skills and expertise on an ongoing basis to support our success and solidify our strong culture of innovation. Their focus on strong governance principles drives us forward to achieve our organizational goals and remain leaders in complex continuing care.

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Board of Directors & Corporation Members

  • Nick Migliore

    Chair, Board of Directors

  • David R. Hawkey

    Vice Chair, Board of Directors

  • Connie Dejak

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    Secretary/Treasurer of the Corporation

  • Dr. Patrick Skalenda

    Chief of Medical Staff

    Chair, Medical Advisory Committee

  • Anetta Jewell

    Chair, Building Committee

  • Brad Fraser

    Chair, Finance and Audit Committee

  • Lawrence Zucker

    Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

  • Paul Pew

  • Douglas R. Porter

  • Karimah Alidina

    Chief Nursing Executive

  • Nishan Duraippah

    Chief of Police, Peel Regional Police

Committees of the Board:

  • Building Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance/Audit Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Quality Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee

Senior Leadership Team

  • Connie Dejak, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Tony Bavota, Chief Operating Officer
  • Karimah Alidina, Chief Nursing Executive
  • Ivo Chopnikolov, Chief Financial Officer
  • Leanne Sneddon, Chief People, Culture, and Strategy