Strathcona Public School, built in 1908, is transformed into Runnymede Hospital, which opens on October 17.

Runnymede receives approval to expand to a 214-bed facility. The hospital launches a $10-million fundraising campaign.

Plans for redevelopment are put on hold for a second time, creating uncertainty for Runnymede’s future.

Connie Dejak is appointed to the office of President and CEO.

Construction of a 200 bed complex continuing care hospital begins on October 30, 2007.

On October 14, the new Runnymede opens its doors to patients, staff, families and the community. Mr. & Mrs. Gordon and Ruth Gooder announce a $1-million donation in support of the hospital’s transformation.

  • On January 28, Runnymede holds its first annual ICARE Gala and raises over $300,000 to support patient programs and services at the hospital.
  • The new state-of-the-art Runnymede Healthcare Centre is officially opened on December 8, 2010.

On April 18, Runnymede opens an additional 38 beds and begins admitting medically complex patients.

On May 14, the hospital opens 34 new beds for patients who require Low Tolerance Long Duration (LTLD) rehabilitation in partnership with St Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto.

  • On February 11, Runnymede opens a new wound care program. The 33 bed program once full, will bring the hospital to its full capacity of 200 beds.
  • In June, Runnymede receives a 4 year Accredited with Exemplary Standing award from Accreditation Canada. The highest designation any healthcare organization in Canada can receive.