Health information services at Runnymede involves the collection, storage and retention of patient health records. Confidentiality of all patient personal health information is respected and maintained. The department is responsible for the release of patient health information, including providing copies of health records to authorized persons. It also helps patients gain access to their hospital health records once discharged from the hospital.

To access your own health record or to request disclosure of personal health information of a patient of Runnymede Healthcare Centre, please complete the Personal Health Information Access and/or Disclosure Request form and return it to the health information services department.

Health Information Services
Runnymede Healthcare Centre
625 Runnymede Road
Toronto, ON
M6S 3A3

416-762-7316, ext. 2118

For more information about how Runnymede collects, uses and discloses patient health information, please refer to the privacy protection page.