Patients admitted to complex continuing care programs in Ontario are charged co-payment fees, which help cover non-medical costs like meals and accommodation during long hospital stays.

Co-payment fees are set by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC), but are not a form of government revenue; instead they go directly to our hospital and are essential for supporting an outstanding patient experience.

How much do monthly co-payments cost?

If it applies, the co-payment fee charged to a patient is based on their income level. Depending on a patient’s personal financial circumstances, exemptions or reductions in co-payment fees are possible. All or part of the co-payment may be covered by a patient’s private health insurance – we recommend they check with their insurance provider for details.

Fees are subject to change, but patients will be provided with a 30-day notice before an increase is made.
For more information, please take a look at these common questions and answers about hospital co-payments from the MOHLTC.

If further clarification is needed, please contact Runnymede’s finance department at 416-762-7316, ext. 2103.