Runnymede recognizes that warm and welcoming rooms are essential for an excellent patient experience, and we are pleased to offer three types of accommodation:

  • Standard ward room ( 4 beds per room, 1 shared bathroom)
  • Semi-private room (2 beds per room, 1 shared bathroom)
  • Private room (1 bed per room, private or shared bathroom)

All rooms also include a bedside table, chair, closet for clothes and belongings and a personal bulletin board for notes, photos and personal items. Television, telephone and internet services are available at low cost.

To see Runnymede’s available accommodation, please click here for a virtual hospital tour.

Preferred Accommodation

Patients are asked about their accommodation preferences during admission or pre-admission, and we do our best to provide private or semi-private rooms if requested. Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, and additional daily charges apply if private and semi-private rooms are chosen; the cost for each varies by program:

Medically Complex programLTLD Rehab programHTSD Rehab program
Standard ward roomNo addittional costNo additional costNo additional cost
Semi-private room$45 per day$45 per day$225 per day
Private room$75 per day$75 per day$250 per day

Patients who would like private or semi-private accommodation will need to provide a credit card imprint or a void cheque to Runnymede to facilitate monthly billing to their credit card or withdrawal from a pre-authorized account. They will also be asked to provide their extended health insurance information, if they have coverage. Insurance providers may cover all or part of Runnymede’s preferred accommodation charges. Some providers limit the number of days they will cover, or the amount they will pay – it is the patient’s responsibility to confirm their level of coverage.

Transfers between rooms

We do our best to match patients to their preferred room, but to speed up admission they may be placed in the first bed available and get transferred later when their preferred accommodation becomes available.
If a patient is assigned a room that is different from the type of accommodation they requested, they and/or their insurance provider will be billed for whichever costs less: the days spent in their actual accommodation, or the days spent in their requested accommodation.

For example:

If a patient requests:And they receive:The patient will be billed for:
Ward roomPrivate or semi-private roomNo charge
Private or semi-private roomWard roomNo charge
Semi-private roomPrivate roomSemi-private room
Private roomSemi-private roomSemi-private room

Every effort is made to minimize transfers, but sometimes patients need to change rooms for medical reasons, patient safety, renovations, or to provide requested preferred accommodation. With the exception of emergency situations, patients will be given 72 hours notice before any transfers are made.