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The success of Runnymede's new 7-day model

June 17, 2019


Runnymede was proud to introduce a 7-day model of care in February 2019 for our active rehab, slow stream rehab and medically complex programs to maximize the number of therapy minutes our patients receive per week.

At Runnymede, we put patients’ needs at the centre of all the decisions we make. We adopt current best practices to help patients achieve their treatment goals and move on to their next care destination or return home, when possible and the 7-day model of care supports this important commitment.

As a result of moving to a 7-day model of care our patients now receive a significant increase in therapy minutes as outlined below:

  • Low Tolerance Long Duration Rehabilitation (slow stream rehab) - patients now receive 325 minutes of therapy a week up from 150 minutes which represents a 116.6% increase.
  • Medically complex (MC) - patients now receive 150 minutes of therapy a week up from 90 minutes which represents a 66.7% increase.

We have also noted a decrease in the average length of stay for slow stream rehab patients. That means that our patients are getting home sooner. This is not only better for patients but it’s better for the healthcare system. By freeing up our hospital beds, we can admit patients sooner, which in turn helps to ease the bottleneck in acute care hospitals.

All of this success comes down to our staff. To implement the 7-day model of care we looked at the entire operations of the hospital from the perspective of patients and staff, to ensure that we had the best supports in place for those who are administering and receiving care and this resulted in changes to the operating hours of some of our non-clinical departments too.

The hard work and determination that the entire team has demonstrated over the last few months is outstanding. Without our staff coming together to support our patients in this model of care, we would not have achieved this level of success. By embracing our rehab philosophy and working together, we are helping more patients get back to their lives, quicker than ever.