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July 19, 2018


It’s summertime and the living is easy. Long days and hot temperatures offer endless opportunity for summer fun, whether you’re off on an adventure or sticking close to home. These quick tips from Runnymede Healthcare Centre’s activation department will keep you safe and healthy while you enjoy the best of season.

Stay hydrated

Your body can lose a lot of fluids while being active so be sure to take along plenty of drinking water wherever you go. On hot days keep water cold by packing it in a cooler.

Keep all recreation and activity equipment in good shape

Be sure to check out equipment when you take it out and when you put it away. Service equipment with proper maintenance and care to ensure it is in great operating condition and prevent injuries.

Wear appropriate attire/protective gear

Always ensure you have the correct gear for the activity in which you are participating, whether it’s helmet and knee guards for roller blading, a life jacket for a canoe trip or a good pair a hiking boots for your trail walk. Appropriate gear keeps you safe and comfortable while participating in all your favourite sports and leisure pursuits.

Know your limits

When planning your day of activity, be sure to consider your current level of ability. If you tire easily plan for breaks in the day or choose activities that will allow you to sit out as needed.