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New Bedside Terminals Enhance the Patient Experience

EXCITING NEW TECHNOLOGY was introduced at Runnymede to enhance the patient experience. Bedside terminals replaced the televisions and telephones in all patient-rooms.

The new terminals are personal multimedia stations that provide patients with entertainment, information, and will even support their care.

Patients are able to order meals, use a virtual mirror, and access radio, games, e-books, weather forecasts, and hospital announcements through the terminals. They may also provide patients with access to telephone, television, internet, video chatting, and movie streaming services.

Staff will be able to use patient bedside terminals to access health information, and support patient care.

Parts of the hospital’s new electronic medical record (EMR) system will be incorporated into the patient bedside terminals. This will further enable staff to access, and record, real-time health information at the point of care delivery.

For more information about patient bedside terminals, please contact or call 416-762-7316, ext. 2866.