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New Digital Health System Enhances connected, patient-centred care

RUNNYMEDE HAS TAKEN A BOLD STEP that will profoundly transform the way it works, deepen its ties to the healthcare system, and further realize its vision as a Centre of Excellence for Aging and Wellness.

Last November, the hospital’s new electronic medical record (EMR) system went live. With this game-changing launch, Runnymede is being driven to the forefront of digital healthcare technology.

Called Connecting Care, the EMR system was developed in collaboration with the hospital’s partners at Humber River Hospital (HRH). The EMR is integrated into operations at both facilities, and both hospitals will share a single health record system.

The safety and quality of patient care will be stronger with Connecting Care because the EMR system makes it possible for staff at Runnymede and HRH to securely access and update patient information in real time.

This enables staff to make clinical decisions that are informed by the most up-to-date patient data available.

By improving the flow of information between healthcare providers, the EMR system will also enhance the patient experience and simplify a patient’s ability to navigate between care settings as they move through their jouney of care.

Maintaining patient confidentiality is a top priority at Runnymede.

With HRH, the hospital has chosen a secure EMR system that is powered by Meditech Expanse.

Meditech is an industry leader in health information technology with software that is in use around the world, including hundreds of inpatient facilities across Canada.

The Connecting Care EMR system aligns with the Government of Ontario’s digital first approach

to healthcare. It contributes to the province’s quadruple aim of enhanced patient experience, enhanced provider experience, improved health outcomes and greater system efficiency.

This innovative model for managing health information is truly visionary, and points to new opportunities for putting patients at the centre of their own care.