Runnymede’s Annual Quality Improvement Plan

We are committed to continually raising the bar on quality and safety at Runnymede. Each year, we evaluate how we deliver healthcare and discover opportunities to better meet patients’ needs, provincial goals and the priorities of our Strategic Plan.

Development of Runnymede’s Quality Improvement Plan involves working closely with patients, families, staff and physicians, and carefully considering their valuable feedback. The result of this process is Runnymede’s annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) – our roadmap for strengthening patient-centred care.


What is a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)?

A QIP is a formal quality improvement strategy, required of all healthcare organizations under Ontario’s Excellent Care for All Act (2010). Runnymede’s QIP is launched each year in April, and is designed to strengthen the quality of specific areas of healthcare delivery. Performance targets are set for each of these areas, which we use to measure our hospital’s progress on an ongoing basis.

Content Columns

The QIP consists of:

  • Narrative

    An overview of Runnymede’s quality improvement priorities, and how they align with other organizational goals.

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  • Workplan

    A detailed outline of specific quality initiatives for the coming year, including targets and improvement strategies.

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