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Runnymede Staff Make It Possible

Check out what some of our staff have to say about working at Runnymede.

Cara Carney, Patient care coordinator:

“I have wonderful experiences everyday at Runnymede. To work for an employer that holds the care and service provided to its patients to such high standards, while at the same time providing their employees with opportunities of advancement, and supporting career development, is truly satisfying.”

Carla Robinson, Registered practical nurse:

"When I started here in 1991, we were still in our old building. Our nursing team has always been passionate about our patients and we do everything we can to help them get better. We’ve always been close, and being supportive of each other has been a big part of our success. When I see patients’ health improving because of the work our team has done, it brings me so much satisfaction – that’s the main thing that keeps me motivated to come in every single day."

Trevor Teel, Pharmacist:

"I feel that I’ve been really lucky at Runnymede, because I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet so many great patients and their families, all while being supported by such a caring and hard-working team. It’s amazing being able to work together to better the experiences of our patients."