Runnymede is building a 200-bed long-term care (LTC) home adjacent to the existing hospital. The addition of 200 long-term care beds on our property positions us perfectly to provide a full range of care to support seniors in our community in a timely fashion and reduce the incredible wait times to which they have been subjected.

Runnymede has a rich 75-year history in the Parkdale – High Park community and strong ties to Toronto’s Little Malta neighbourhood in which we are situated. Currently, this cultural group does not have a dedicated LTC program anywhere in Ontario. We are delighted to be able to designate some of the beds in our planned LTC home for the Maltese population. Not only will this provide them with the care they need as they age, it will allow them to stay close to their homes, families, and community.

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News and Updates

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Have questions about applying for a bed in a long-term care home? Currently, access to long-term care is arranged by Home and Community Care Support Services. To start the application process, please contact your Home and Community Care Support Services or visit the Government of Ontario’s long-term care web page.


Rezoning Application

Runnymede recently re-submitted an application to the City of Toronto to permit construction of our new long-term care home. You can view the application and related documentation on the City of Toronto’s Application Information Centre webpage.


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